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What to pay attention to when using plastic products

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When using plastic products, pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Understand the performance of the product and identify whether it is toxic. It mostly depends on what material the plastic is made of and whether plasticizers and stabilizers have been added. Usually plastic food bags, milk bottles, buckets, water bottles, etc. Polyethylene plastics are mostly on the market, and they are smooth to the touch. The surface is like a layer of wax, easy to burn, the flame is yellow, there is wax dripping, it smells like paraffin, this plastic is non-toxic. Industrial packaging plastic bags or containers are mostly made of polyvinyl chloride and stabilizers containing lead salts. This kind of plastic is sticky to the touch, not easy to burn, and goes out immediately after leaving the fire. The flame is green, the weight is very heavy, and the plastic is poisonous.

2. Do not use plastic products for oil, vinegar and wine. Even the white translucent barrels on the market are non-toxic, but they are not suitable for long-term storage of oil and vinegar. Otherwise, the plastic is easy to expand, the grease is oxidized, and harmful substances are produced. It is especially important not to use toxic PVC barrels of oil, vinegar, wine, etc., otherwise it will contaminate the oil, vinegar, and wine. People experience pain, nausea, skin irritation, and more. In addition, be careful not to use barrels of kerosene, gasoline, diesel, toluene, ether, etc. Because these things tend to soften and expand plastic until they crack and break, with unintended consequences.

3. Pay attention to maintenance. When people use plastic products, they often encounter hardening, embrittlement, discoloration, cracking, performance degradation, etc., which is plastic aging. In order to solve the aging problem, people often add some antioxidants to slow down the aging speed when making plastics. In fact, this doesn't fundamentally solve the problem. In order to make plastic products durable, the main thing is to use them correctly. Do not expose them to the sun or rain, do not bake them with fire or heat, and do not expose them to water or oil frequently.

4. Do not burn waste plastic products. As mentioned earlier, toxic plastics are not easy to burn because black smoke, odor and toxic gases are released when burning, which is harmful to the environment and human body. Non-toxic burning will also pollute the environment and affect human health. Therefore, there is no need to return plastic products, as long as the method is correct, it will not endanger human health.