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How to control the geometric size of plastic injection mold products

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Because the market demand of molds and mold products is very different, there are many kinds, and there are big changes in shape, size, material, structure and other aspects, and the requirements are high, so we have encountered many problems and difficulties in the production process of mold products, among which How to effectively control the geometric dimensions of molds and products is very intuitive in front of us. So how to control the geometric size of plastic injection mold products, the following is an introduction to you.

1. Control of mold design

First of all, it is necessary to fully understand the technical requirements of the mold structure, material, hardness, precision and other aspects of users, including whether the shrinkage rate of the formed plastic material is correct, whether the 3D size of the product is complete, and reasonable processing and analysis.

2. Process manufacturing control

Although many aspects have been fully considered and arranged in the design stage, there will still be many problems and difficulties in actual production. We should try our best to conform to the original intention of the design in production, and find out more effective and economical processing in actual processing. Reasonable technological means.

1. Select economical and adaptable machine tools for 2D and 3D processing solutions.

2. Appropriate fixtures can also be considered for auxiliary preparations in production, and the rational use of tools can prevent the deformation of product parts, prevent fluctuations in the shrinkage rate of product parts, prevent product parts from demolding and deformation, improve the accuracy of mold manufacturing, reduce Small errors, preventing changes in mold accuracy, etc., a series of production process requirements and solutions.

3. Control of the production of mould products

The fluctuation of geometric size after plastic parts is formed is a common problem, and it is a phenomenon that often occurs:

1. Control of material temperature and mold temperature Different grades of plastics must have different temperature requirements. The use of plastic materials with poor fluidity and the use of more than two kinds of mixtures will have different situations. If the mold temperature changes, the shrinkage rate will also be There are changes, the mold temperature remains stable, and the dimensional accuracy is stable, so as to prevent the deformation of the formed parts, poor gloss, cooling spots and other defects, so that the physical properties of the plastic are in an ideal state.

2. Supplementary shaping control of the size of injection-molded parts. Due to the difference in shape and size, some plastic parts will deform and warp in different situations with the change of temperature and pressure loss after demoulding. At this time, some auxiliary fixtures can be used to carry out To adjust, take remedial measures promptly after the formed part is ejected from the mold, and a better correction and adjustment effect can be achieved after it is naturally cooled and shaped. If strict management is ensured throughout the injection molding process, the size of injection molded parts will be ideally controlled.