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Principles and advantages of air fryer

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The principle of air fryer

1. Quickly heat the air through the top roasting unit.

2. The heat flow in the food basket is quickly circulated by the high-power fan.

3. The special texture on the inside of the food basket forms a vortex heat flow, which is in 360-degree contact with the food surface and quickly takes away the water vapor generated by heating. The three functions work together to create a golden crispy finish. The surface layer achieves a fried appearance and taste.

Second, the advantages of air fryer

1. Fast efficiency and simple operation

Anyone with an oven at home should know that whether it is a large oven or a small oven, it must be empty and preheated before preparing food. The warm-up time is about 10-30 minutes. If the time is too short, the food will cook too slowly, too long will shorten the life of the oven, and eating is not enough trouble. Air fryers are silly to operate. As long as the prepared food is put in, it is usually ready to eat in 20 minutes, which is more suitable for the current fast food style.

2. Does not occupy space and saves space.

Small household ovens have 15L, and households use about 25-40L. It is bulky and not light in weight. It takes up a lot of space, especially for those kitchens that are not that big by themselves, the air fryer is better, it is the size of a rice cooker and can be put away after use. It is very easy to move.

3. Less fuel consumption, healthy

The principle of the air fryer is to use high temperature hot air to squeeze out the oil and moisture of the food itself. Compared to frying, you can indeed avoid eating too much fat when eating.

4. Easy to clean

Because the air fryer uses less oil, the frying basket can be easily removed for cleaning. Ovens are different. Ovens generally use a baking tray. Be sure to brush oil when baking, it is inevitable that oil stains will drip into the cabinet. It is very troublesome to wipe and not easy to clean. It is also laborious to drag to the sink to clean.