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Model reclaimed rubber mold products use seven elements

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The so-called model mold products are mold products made of rubber as raw materials and vulcanized at high temperature and high pressure in the mold. When using reclaimed rubber to produce rubber mold products, its material, dimensional accuracy, and ease of mold opening will affect the quality and production efficiency of reclaimed rubber mold products. Therefore, it is very important to make a suitable mold. However, in actual production, just choosing the right mold is not enough. There are still a lot of places to pay attention to when using, mainly in the following seven aspects.

Element 1: The use of the mold must be safe, the operation must be careful and reasonable, the mold loading and unloading must be correct, and the pressure of the vulcanizing agent must be appropriate, neither too large nor too small.

Element 2: When installing and clamping the mold, pay attention to the centering of the guide rail, and do not let the guide pin and the core slide out of the guide pin hole and the mold hole, so as not to crush the mold.

Element 3: Before loading, the surface of the cavity should be evenly coated with release agent. Common mold release agents include neutral soap, silicone oil and special mold release agents, which can be released smoothly.

Element 4: The hardness of the mold opener or crowbar and other materials must be lower than the hardness of the mold opening, generally made of copper. Scratches and abrasions are strictly prohibited on the parting surface and cavity of the mold.

Element 5: The clear edges and corners of the mold cavity need special protection. Do not beat the clean corners, and do not use gauze to polish the cavity, especially do not use emery cloth to polish the clean corners.

Element 6: If there are spots or rust spots on the surface of the cavity, do not use steel tools, files, emery cloths or scrapers to polish, but only use copper tools or bamboo to scrape them off, and then polish them finely.

Element 7: The mold must be cleaned and coated with protective oil after use for storage.

When using reclaimed rubber to produce rubber mold products, it is not only necessary to design a suitable mold according to the shape and size of the product and the compression performance of the rubber, but also to use the mold correctly to protect the mold during use, especially the accuracy of the mold and the smoothness of the cavity surface. ; Better guarantee the finished product performance and service life of reclaimed rubber mold products.