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Plastic product packaging should make more improvements and attempts in environmental protection

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Today, pollution is still a very serious problem. Among the many pollutions, plastic pollution is undoubtedly one of the biggest impacts on the environment. This kind of white pollution caused by human activities is often very stable and difficult to decompose in the environment.

Speaking of white pollution, in addition to plastic bags, I believe many people will think of plastic bottle packaging, because it is difficult to decompose, and plastic products such as plastic bottles or plastic bags take decades to decompose naturally in the wild, which is very harmful to the environment. In recent years, China has issued a ban on plastics to limit the use of plastic bags. For plastic bottle manufacturers, they have survived and are not included in the ban on plastics.

It is understood that when plastic products enter the environment, they often turn into many tiny plastic particles, and these tiny particles enter the soil and ocean. With the spread of wind and ocean currents, it has even appeared in Antarctica, which is far away from the human world, which means that such tiny plastic particles are likely to have spread all over the world, which will have serious consequences for the earth's environment.

Since the birth of plastic products, they have been widely used by humans, which also causes humans on the earth to produce a lot of plastic waste every year. Due to the properties of plastics, when they are exposed to the wind and the sun, it gradually breaks down into pieces. Even plastic particles smaller than 3 mm in diameter are formed, but they are still very stable and will not degrade.

First of all, the recycling rate of plastic bags is very low, but plastic bottle packaging. In particular, the recycling rate of PET plastic bottle packaging is very high. And the recycling rate of PET plastic bottles is also very high, however, plastic bottles of other materials. For example, plastic bottles made of PE and pvc materials need to be greatly improved in recycling rate. Otherwise, it is not impossible to be included in the ban on plastic like plastic bags. Secondly, plastic bottle packaging is irreplaceable compared to cartons and glass bottles. It has certain advantages in terms of cost and appearance, and some aspects cannot be replaced by other packaging materials.

For plastic bottle manufacturers, although the ban on plastics has not swung its big knife to plastic bottles, plastic bottle packaging must make more improvements and attempts in environmental protection, such as bio-plastic bottles that are more environmentally friendly. Plastic products can be seen everywhere in life, and the efforts of plastic packaging to innovate in the direction of green environmental protection will make the road to environmental protection smoother.