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What should be paid attention to when using plastic products?

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With the rapid development of the plastic industry, people have different requirements for plastic products, and the types of plastic products are also increasing, what materials are plastic products, and which plastic products are toxic. A careless one may be poisoned or cause more serious results, so what should be paid attention to when using it?

Understand the properties of plastic products

When using plastic products, the first step is to understand its performance and distinguish whether it is toxic or not. It mainly depends on what material the plastic product is made of and whether harmful plastic additives are added. For example, bisphenol A, plasticizers, etc., if these substances exist, you need to take them seriously, check whether the use of these substances is excessive, whether you use them reasonably, and so on.

The plastic food bags, buckets, water bottles, etc. that are commonly sold in the market are mostly polyethylene plastics. Polyethylene plastics will feel lubricated to the touch. Its surface looks like a layer of wax, which is flammable and has a yellow flame. And there will be wax dripping, there will be a smell of paraffin, the plastic is non-toxic. Most of the plastic packaging commonly used in the industry is polyvinyl chloride plastic, which often adds some lead-containing salt stabilizers, etc. The polyvinyl chloride plastic feels sticky to the touch and is not easy to burn. It will be extinguished when it is removed from the fire, and its flame will be green. When burning, the plastic will soften and emit a pungent smell of chlorine. This plastic product is poisonous.

Pay attention to maintenance and anti-aging

Many plastic products in daily life will have a shelf life. If it is not well maintained, it will often release some harmful substances, enter the human body through food or drinks, etc., and then cause harm to the human body. Therefore, the maintenance of plastic products is also very important. When people use plastic tools, they often encounter such situations. The plastic becomes hard, brittle, discolored, cracked, and its performance is reduced. This is plastic aging, or I have heard that plastic companies add some antioxidants in the manufacturing process to slow down their aging, but this does not fundamentally solve the problem.

Therefore, in order to use plastic products more rationally, during use, do not let the sun shine, do not let the rain, do not use it in a high temperature state, and do not often contact water or oil, etc. When plastic products are found to be aging, they need to be replaced in time, and the materials used in them are non-toxic.