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How does the air fryer work? How to fully understand?

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Kitchen appliances have always been a family's concern. After all, after owning different household appliances, the cooking that can be done is also different, and after cooking more delicious food in the family, the whole family can have happier times. Therefore, when learning about the air fryer, many people are very concerned about this kind of kitchen household appliance. However, when grasping this kind of household appliance, it is also very important to know the effect of each part in the use process. Get to know it well.

What is the difference between an air fryer and an oven

From the point of view of the food that can be made by the air fryer, it is basically an overlapping state with the oven. So many people who are thinking of buying want to know the difference between this product and the oven. From the main difference between the product and the oven, the heating method is different. This new product adopts the method of heating food with hot air. When we pay attention to food, we tend to focus more on the texture of deep frying in terms of texture, and the feeling of eating is very delicious.

Is cooking food healthy?

Eating healthy has become a topic pursued by every family. Therefore, when learning about this kind of equipment, the healthiness of cooking food during use has become a part that cannot be ignored. From the actual use, we can know that no oil can be added when cooking meat food, and the fat inside the meat food can be heated, and a little oil can be added when cooking vegetarian dishes. Yes, from the principle of less oil, the food actually cooked is still healthy.

How difficult is the operation

Although many people are very interested in the food made by the air fryer, they are also very concerned about the operation of the product. Because after all, many people have always been in the state of novices in the kitchen. If the product is not easy to operate, then the purchase needs of many people cannot be satisfied. It is precisely because of this that when grasping the product, the operation is simple and Intelligence has become the content of attention of users, and even the operation of mechanical type products is very simple.

It's easy to clean

In life, many people like to cook food very much, but they are very troublesome when it comes to cleaning. When I know this kind of household appliance, the cleaning after use is very simple. Because the inner liner of the product is made of very high-quality coating, it only needs proper maintenance during use. In this way, the cleaning of the product after use is very simple, so that the workload of cooking can be reduced, and it has indeed become a very important product.