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The real meaning of using environmentally friendly trash cans

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With the development of industry, environmental pollution has become more and more serious. There are many types of environmental pollution, such as air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, etc. The existence of trash cans can well solve the problem of solid waste pollution. We produce a lot of garbage in our lives. If these garbage cannot be properly classified, the pollution will be huge. On the contrary, if we can effectively classify garbage, then the environmental pollution can be greatly improved. At this time, the existence of environmentally friendly trash cans is essential, and different trash cans are needed to classify garbage. What is the environmental protection significance of environmentally friendly trash cans? ?

1. Reduce environmental pollution: Waste batteries contain mercury and other toxic substances, which will cause serious harm to human health. Plastic bags are not easy to decompose, and can also cause damage to the soil and reduce crop yields. And it is usually eaten by some small animals, resulting in the death of small animals.

2. It can turn waste into treasure: we can use the drinking cans and bottles as pen holders, flower pots, etc., which is not only environmentally friendly, but also saves resources, and one ton of cans can be melted into one ton of aluminum blocks, so that we can save less A certain amount of aluminum ore has been mined, so doing a good job of garbage classification and turning waste into treasure is what we must do.

3. Reducing the work intensity of sanitation workers: To fully popularize the knowledge of environmental protection and garbage to citizens, so as to improve the understanding of the sanitation industry. After such understanding, we can also reduce the difficulty of sanitation workers' work and let the society Filled with more love and respect.

4. Reduce carbon dioxide emissions: Reasonable garbage classification can increase the proportion of garbage recycling to a greater extent, which will minimize the demand for raw materials. This reduces carbon dioxide emissions and improves air quality.

5. Effective use of available resources: Some substances in garbage can also be converted into resources, such as food, fabrics, etc. It can be used to produce organic fertilizer; waste incineration can also be used to generate electricity, heat and so on.

6. Reducing the floor space: Landfill is the most used method of waste disposal in my country, which will occupy a lot of land resources. The harmful substances in some garbage will also destroy the soil, so garbage classification can effectively reduce the generation of garbage.

Therefore, garbage sorting and collection can reduce the amount of garbage disposal and disposal equipment, reduce the disposal cost, and reduce the consumption of land resources. It has social, economic and ecological benefits, enhances people's own awareness of ecological environmental protection, and reduces the consumption of resources and materials in the process of economic development. , establish a resource-saving society, and ensure the stability of my country's local economic development.