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Use of environmentally friendly trash cans​

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With the development of the economy, people's consumption level has improved, which has caused great damage to the environment. Now the society must continue to develop and progress. Because the destruction of the environment has begun to have a great impact on people's lives and work, we need more people to protect the environment, starting from ourselves, that is, not littering, and protecting the environment. Everyone has responsibility.

Environmental trash cans can be seen everywhere, including streets, communities, highways, shopping malls, hospitals, etc. The trash cans can be divided into public trash cans and household trash cans according to the occasion of use, and can be divided into independent trash cans and classified trash cans in terms of the form of garbage. So far, many sanitation workers in domestic cities are still using old-fashioned trash cans and collection trucks. Due to the selection of materials and production methods, the fading and weak acid and alkali resistance cause them to increase the work intensity and reduce the the life cycle. At the same time, the sealing performance is not good, which causes secondary pollution and odors to be avoided by passers-by, and brings inconvenience to our staff.

In view of the current situation, and in order to make the urban environment more beautiful and eliminate visual pollution, now society will choose to use environmentally friendly trash cans.

The environmental protection trash can combines the modern design styles of Europe and the United States, and its appearance is more in line with the needs of modern urban cityscape construction. In addition to changing the shortcomings of old-fashioned products, it is more practical and decorative. Mainly environmentally friendly green, there are also blue and orange red, etc., imported masterbatch, computer configuration dyeing, after re-granulation and full stirring, injection molding, the color is dignified, the bright color lasts for a long time, and the impact resistance is enhanced.

Plus, the removable, foot-operated flip feature avoids direct hand contact with container contaminants. It can also realize the direct docking operation with the compressed garbage truck, which is convenient for throwing garbage, good sealing, light to move and easy to clean. It reduces secondary pollution and the spread of germs, and fully meets the requirements of contemporary environmental protection.

Environmentally friendly trash cans can better protect the environment and are a safe choice to improve work efficiency and reduce workload. We must take care of the environment, contribute to the beauty of cities and villages, and don’t let ourselves live in the garbage heap.