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How to clean the environmental protection trash can, do this, quickly clean without leaving marks

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In the long-term use of the trash can, it will inevitably be stained with various stains, which needs to be cleaned. So what is the correct method? First of all, the environmental protection trash cans are made of wood, metal, and plastic according to the material, so how should the environmental protection trash can be cleaned and maintained?

1. Wooden trash cans are generally made of preservative solid wood and plastic wood. Then, when cleaning, you can use a mixture of white vinegar and warm water in a ratio of 1:1 to gently wipe the stains on the surface of the furniture. For more stubborn dirt, you can rub a little alcohol and wipe it repeatedly with a wet rag. Usually after air-drying The wood planks are painted.

Note: Wooden trash cans should not be placed in a very humid place, so as not to expand the wood when wet, and it is easy to rot after a long time.

2. Stainless steel trash cans will react to different degrees of acid and alkali, so when cleaning metal trash cans, spray neutral detergent or alcohol on the surface. Then use a damp cloth to remove stains, and then dry it with a dry cloth. Be careful not to leave neutral cleaners on the trash can.

3. Plastic trash cans, first of all, the most common thing we see is the smudge of garbage. Generally, when we encounter this kind of stain, we need to use a cloth and a neutral cleaning agent to scrub the place where the stain exists, after the cleaning is completed. It needs to be washed with clean water and then wiped with a clean dry cloth. Note that during this process, it is not possible to use a neutral detergent to stay on it. Otherwise, it will be corroded. If the stain is not very serious, then you can use soapy water to clean it.

For household trash cans, you can use alkaline water or baking soda when cleaning. If it is to completely eliminate the remaining stubborn stains, you can also use disinfected 84 water for cleaning, but it must be used with caution. It is generally recommended to clean the stainless steel sorting trash can once a week to prevent the garbage from accelerating the corrosion rate. It is not recommended to use strong chemicals during the cleaning process to avoid removing the protective layer from the surface.